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IGNITE YOUR FAITH in the Land of the Bible as you visit and experience the places you've read and heard about throughout your life. Read below about joining one of our carefully designed tour programs. There is an encounter with God's Word, and His Spirit that is waiting for you in this Holy Land Tour.
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Holy Land Tours9 Day Encounter

A 9 day experience focused on encounter with Jesus, in the very paths of Jesus. Journey through the remains of the Galilean towns where Jesus taught and performed his miracles. Imagine yourself on the Mt of Beatitudes listening to the Messiah give His Sermon on the Mount. Make your way through the streets of Jerusalem and reflect on the sacrifice He gave in this city that changed the world. Put yourself in the place of the very first believers who gathered in the Upper Room to await the promised Holy Spirit. This is indeed a life changing encounter with the land of the Bible not soon to be forgotten.

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Holy Land Tours12 Day Adventure

Our 12 Day Adventure is an opportunity to connect with both the rich Biblical history of Israel as well as to venture into the neighboring country of Jordan to explore one of the most fascinating wonders of the world, the ancient city of Petra. Just like our 9 Day Encounter tour, you will have a chance to walk in the very footsteps of Jesus. From reflecting on His miracles in the Sea of Galilee region to meandering through the streets of Jerusalem where He was crucified, buried, and resurrected, you are sure to come away with an increased depth of faith and experience of His Word and Spirit you are not soon to forget.

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