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Christian Origins

Christianity in the Holy Land

 Christian Travel Guide | Christianity in the Holy LandChristianity is bound up with Israel (the holy Land), like the History of Israel is bound up with Christianity. It is a bond that dates back to the birth of Chris. The State of Israel recognizes its Christian inhabitants and respects the faiths of more than 9 different Christian denominations. All these denominations have the right to practice their faith freely under Israeli law. Learn more


Holy Land Crusades

 Christian Travel Guide | Holy Land CrusadesThe Holy Land Crusades, lead by the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church with the intent of conquering Jerusalem and overpowering the Muslim rule, were a series of pilgrimage travels taken by devout believers (namely soldiers) from the European continent to the Holy Land. Learn more


Jesus Boat

 Christian Travel Guide | Jesus BoatThe Boat of Jesus (also known as the Sea of Galilee Boat) was uncovered in 1986 on the northwestern shore of the Sea of Galilee, thanks to an otherwise unfortunate drought which caused the waters of the Galilee to recede. The boat is currently on display in the Yigal Allon Museum located in Kibbutz Ginosar. Learn more


Jesus Christ - Part 1

 Christian Travel Guide | Jesus Christ - Part 1We begin our Christian Holy Land tour of the life of Jesus Christ in the north of Israel. Though Israel itself is only the size of New Jersey, it is packed with sacred sites, each of which would be worth its own tour of the Holy Land. We will zigzag across the land, as we trace the chronology of Jesus through the places and people He touched. Learn more


Jesus Christ - Part 2

 Christian Travel Guide | Jesus Christ - Part 2We head back up north to the Galilee, where a Christian tourist on a Tour to the Holy Land could spend days poking around the numerous historical sites, or just enjoy the stunning views. So much of Jesus' ministry and so many miracles took place at the shores of the beautiful Sea of Galilee (Lake Kinneret). Learn more