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Christian Travel Guide

Places in the Holy Land

Israel City Guide | Israel Travel GuideThe Holy Land is a land filled with more than just milk and honey. It is a land filled with history, passion and with the presence of Jesus. Traveling through Israel, one has the opportunity to reach out and connect with the holiness of this place. Join this emotion filled journey, as you make your way through the stepping stones of His life. Learn more


Christian Sites

Israel City Guide | Israel Travel GuideFrom the Sermon on the Mount and the stories of His miracles through the Galilee to the solitude of the Garden of Gethsemane and the suffering of the Crucifixion in Jerusalem, uncover the world in which Jesus lived and defined a belief for generations to come. Learn more


Christian Origins

Israel City Guide | Israel Travel GuideThe Holyland provides the backdrop for one of the most powerful dramas to unfold on the stage of history. A place where past and present mingle together while traveling through the hills around Nazareth or the Valley of Gennesaret along the shores of the Sea of Galilee, exploring the secret caverns of a Crusader fortress or hiking the beautiful trails of Caesarea Philippi. A place where modern cities such as Tel Aviv and Jerusalem are built on layers of history that come alive and provide a contemporary understanding yesterday and today come together in this young, vibrant and complex country. Learn more


Travel Destinations

Israel City Guide | Israel Travel GuideFrom Sea to Shining Sea, Israel has the depth and the beauty to move mountains. Tiberias and the Sea of Galilee open a window to the past that allows one to follow not only in the footsteps of Jesus but to absorb his words and the actions of his teaching too. Beyond Jerusalem, Haifa and Tel Aviv, you can travel through the Judean and Negev deserts to the very southern tip of the country, to Eilat on the Red Sea. Scuba dive, hike, camel ride or just have fun in the sun along the shore. The perfect conclusion to any trip. Learn more


History & Historical Sites

Israel City Guide | Israel Travel GuideThe his-story of this land becomes your- story as you travel the length and breadth of this holy land. Rocks and stone, combined with people and passion, provide the foundations of thousands of years of history. From the stories of Jesus in Galilee and Jerusalem and the compelling saga of Masada and the Zealots to the Crusades and the Ottoman Empire continuing through to the establishment of the State of Israel...Much, much more comes alive as you become an active participant in the unfolding next chapter of the story of this land. Learn more


Israel Travel Tips

Israel Travel Tips | Israel Travel GuidePlanning a Holy Land Voyager Tour? Not sure what to pack? Wondering when the rainy season is in the Holy land? Need to know what the going rate of the Shekel is and where you can read up on current events in Israel in real time? You are asking Holy Land tours great questions which can only mean you are planning an amazing experience in the Holy Land. Learn more