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Holy Land Tour
Holy Land Tours
  Holy Land Tours
Holy Land Tours
Is it your dream? Have you always wanted to travel to the Holy Land? You are now closer than ever, join others who want to visit the Holy Land and witness the miracle for yourself. Join a regular scheduled Holy Land Group Tour.
  Holy Land Tour Organizers
Holy Land Tour Organizers
It's a great idea! Organizing and leading others on a trip to Israel, the land of the Bible, is one of the most rewarding and exhilarating experiences one can have. Perhaps now is the time to begin making it happen, both for you and for those you will lead.
  Share and Save
Share and Save
Do you want to share what your Faith means to you in your life with others? Simply invite a group of ten people to join you on a Holy Land Tour and your trip is free. Make this your Ministry.
  Things You Want To Know
Things You Want to Know
Our Holy Land Tours travel guide that is provided here will provide you with some interesting reading about the sights that you might visit while on your Christian tour of Israel.
 Holy Land Tours
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 Via Dolorosa
 Church of Annunciation
 The Garden Tomb
 Mount of Beatitudes
 Church of All Nations
 Garden of Gethsemane
 Mary's Tomb
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